Arcsin Fab B design and construction.


The Fab B board is really a reduction in form factor and power section optimization that Bill has been working on in parallel with the Fab A board. We will be merging the best of both Fab's into the final Fab C version of the Arcsin.


The Fab B board fits easily on a 6"x6" PCB and has super short motor, power, and ground leads. Bill's expertise in electronics and PCB design is an invaluable asset to our design team.


Well, the fab_b board is being populated. Very tedious work, but it will be fun to see how it turns out.


We've fixed about 10 things that have to do with component placement and lead optimization. I'm sure other things will come up as we go.


This board is not for the cross-eyed. It takes a very steady hand to solder the tiny components onto even tinier pads.


Nice look at the H-bridges all lined up and ready for service!


3 terminals for the motors and 1 for the motor power supply.


I still have to populate the 3rd axis and the input section of the board.


The rainbow of fruit flavored caps were strategically placed to minimize circuit noise.


The solder side. Would you believe 1100 holes and over 200 vias? Those track pins sure came in handy!