Introducing the Arcsin Dual-Drive


Well, the Dual-Drives are almost ready to ship. I'm also in the process of switching the Arcsin and Dual-Drive boards over to SMT parts to simplify assembly. So far, the boards are performing great and they have a much cleaner look.

This evening, I ran the Dual-Drive on a 4.6a motor and a 3a motor and both motors absolutely screamed. If you are building a CNC machine that requires two motors on the X axis to prevent binding, then this board is for you! The new Dual-Drive boards should be ready for purchase in a few weeks.

Ever wonder how I test out all of those Arcsins that I sell? Here is a peek at the top secret test bench that I set up. The bottom Arcsin board is drilled out and crown-point pogo pins are installed in the holes where each motor, joystick and power contact point is located. Then, I just drop a new Arcsin onto the pogo pins, fasten the nylon standoffs at each corner of the board, plug in the parallel port cable, and the Arcsin is ready to test. This is much easier than inserting wires into all of the screw terminals. The black box contains all of the top secret logic that runs the tests on the boards. I've also got the Dual-Drive setup in this picture for some testing. A 16 pin ribbon cable connects the Dual-Drive to the Arcsin mothership.