Housing Protos


Well, it took a while, but I finally received my first housing prototypes. These things are just so cool and the fit turned out quite well. This was my first crack at designing a housing to fit a PCB and I couldn't have done it without SolidWorks.


There are a few tweaks that I still need to make to get it just right, but I am really happy with how these turned out. Now to find out where I can get a bunch of these anodized and silk screened.


The changes that I see so far are: move jumper access hole down to clear the jumpers, move the LED holes to properly line up with the new placement on the PCB and make the cutouts for the motor connectors a bit smaller.


Well, now it's time to get the final PCB finished up and then maybe I'll actually get this thing into production before 2009.


A nice shot with the hood up!