Casting the Crank


After a 3 hour road trip to Pyro Minerals in Oakland, I arrived at home with two 60lb sacks of Petrobond.


I was anxious to get started, so I took the crank off my HF 7x10 lathe, and started making a mold. Since I will need another crank for the fine downfeed mod on my milling machine, I decided that this would be a good test.


After ramming up the mold, here is what the cavity looked like. I haven't cut in the sprue and riser yet.


R2-D2 cooling down after a pour.


About 5 minutes after the pour, I cracked open the mold. I was amazed at the finish detail since I didn't really take my time ramming the mold.


This is the first mold I have ever poured in my garage, and it came out perfect!


I trued up the edges on my 7x10 lathe and then did a bit of finish machining with the mill.


After I figure out what diameter shaft this will mount on, I'll drill the bore and the hole for the handle.