Phase Four: Misc Parts


Drilling the holes for the Nema23 motor mount. I will have to end up moving the x-axis slide rails closer to the center of this piece so my motor couplers don't hit the linear bearings.


If I learned anything this time, I learned that next time I'll spend the 10 bucks and buy a new hole saw for this operation. This ancient thing took me forever to bore through the 1/2" aluminum plate. I also learned that 1/2" aluminum plate is easily cut with fine tooth carbite wood working blades. I have used my table saw and chop saw with carbide blades in them and the cuts are excellent. I also plan on using a 45 degree router bit to put a nice finish edge on all the aluminum plates.


This is the bolt pattern for the rails and the Nema23 motor mount. It actually turned out quite well. I can feel myself getting more accurate with my measurements and more precise with my cuts. This is nice because there are fewer wasted parts and messed up pieces that will be thrown into the smelter!!


This was a golden opportunity to make some motor couplers. I hadn't experimented with this style of clamp on connectors, but they work so much better than the set-screw type that I made for my first mill. These take a bit longer to machine, but they won't slip and cause ruined parts!