Phase Three: Y-Axis


The Y-axis begins to take shape


The trick here is that the x-axis mounts have to be perfectly square to the y-axis mounts. Since it is difficult to make a perfectly square cut in the 1/2" aluminum plate, I found two pieces of CNC cut aluminum that were perfectly square and used these for the side plates of the x-axis. Of course this was before I found out that you can cut the aluminum plate with a power miter saw and a carbide tipped blade.


Laying out the side plates so the shafts are perfectly parallel takes a fair amount of time, but it is well worth the effort. The x-axis slides just as smoothly as the y-axis and there is no binding.


You can see that this is turning into quite the machine. I originally was shooting for 8x10" of travel, but I scaled it up a bit and now have about 11x16".


I got the motor plates all drilled and ready for the lead screw this weekend. I had to take my time because I wanted things to line up perfectly.


Here you can see the ab-nut that I made. I still have to make the mounting bracket that connects the nut to the axis.