Milling Machine Pictures


The completed mill just before shipping. I needed the funds to build the next generation mill so I sold this one on eBay!


Isolation channels are down to about .015 thanks to the end mills I found at Penn Tool. Resolution is more than enough. This thing is incredible to watch. What a blast! Ever wonder how they make a four flute end mill that is .015" in diameter?


First completed board ever made on the milling machine. The hardest part was coming up with a method of lining up the top and bottom layers.


The new spindle and motor is incredibly accurate. There is no play introduced into the system with this setup.


Turbo CNC running on my old 486 performs quite well.


The Driver before the board was completed.


The Driver all mounted in a box with its power supply.


This image shows the Y-axis anti-backlash nut that I designed and built as well as the simplicity of the ways.


A shot of the Z-axis lead screw with coupler and anti-backlash nut.