Milling out the spoiler for an Xmods RC car.


Milled out some more parts for Jason's Xmods RC car. These turned out rather cool


Jason had me mill out some parts for his RC car. This is some tiny stuff, by far the smallest parts I've ever milled. I used a 1/16" thick piece of aluminum from Blue Collar Supply and a 1/16" carbide end mill from Enco tools.


Jason did all the work by drawing this up. I was quite impressed with the results.


The aluminum was a bit sticky, but a light coat of WD-40 sprayed on the aluminum solved this problem. Milling light aluminum like this is no problem on the IG-88.


Here are all of the parts right off the mill. You can see just how small the parts are in comparison to the penny.


I'll have a pic or two of the assembled spoiler when Jason get's it all put together!