Milling the PTS head from aircraft aluminum billet


Well, it's time to see if the IG-88 can handle some serious aluminum cutting. I knew there would be some risk of having the machine self-destruct while cutting aluminum, but I took the chance and gave it a try. I must say I was quite impressed with the results!


Pocketing the aluminum was done at 10 IPM with .025" per pass and 7krpm on the spindle with a 1/8" solid carbide endmill.


The initial passes looked great and I was quite happy with the results. However, running at .025" per pass on this was going to take a while to get through over half an inch of aluminum.


3.5 hours later, the pocket is almost done. I am so impressed with my spindle. I have over 40 hours of use on the cheapo sewing machine motor and cheapo skate bearings and they are both still going strong! Amazing!


This second part was also milled from .65" aluminum. The center section was pocketed and then cut from the stock with the 1/8" endmill.