Milling out a press plate.


IG-88 is finally to a point where I can start making parts. I started out with a .375" black delrin plate from Enco tools.


The 1/8" Enco end mills work like a charm in the Delrin. The cut is smooth and very accurate. I was quite surprised that the IG-88 could cut with such accuracy and smoothness.


After the part was cut from the stock, I switched to a 1/16" end mill and then finished off the part.


Plate right off the mill.


After a bit of cleanup, this part will be quite nice. The only problem is that the X axis has some cumulative error cropping up in the part. It doesn't look like backlash because it is only cumulative in one direction. Just to make sure, I'm going to go back and tighten up the AB nut on the X axis and change out the rubber motor to shaft couplers with steel ones. Then I'll re-calibrate. The Y axis was silky smooth and accurate down to .010"