Shrapnel Phase Three


I'm calling this phase three, but there were actually many sub-phases along the way to get to this point. My updates occur at such lengthy intervals these days so I have to put a bunch of content into one phase. Anyway, the mill is basically up and running, minus the spindle. I'm still waiting for a part to ship from overseas before I can assemble my latest spindle variation.

While browsing through the excellent junk collection over at Surplus Stuff in Sacramento, I came across this fine network hub. I wasn't sure at this point how I was going to mount the Arcsin, so I decided to dish out the $3.00 for the hub just in case I needed a metal housing to mount all of the Shrapnel control hardware in. In the end, I ended up not using the box, but I had fun taking it apart and checking out all of the IC's inside.


This thing really is top-notch engineering work. It is also amazing to me how many components are inside. I think most of the functionality these days is boiled down into one piece of Silicon, but back in the 80's, it took a lot of Si to do the job.


After examination, I realized that there was another PCB board on the bottom level with even more IC's on it! Amazing. For now, these boards will be shelved and parts will be canabalized as needed. There is a nice 12/5 Vdc power supply in there that will likely be used sooner rather than later.


Ok, so back to topic. I ended up mounting the Arcsin and supporting peripherals onto a piece of .25" thick aluminum sheet that was then bolted to the back of the Shrapnel. I really wanted to be able to showcase the Arcsin rather than hiding it in a box and I wanted to be able to see all of the status LED's so this worked out well.


In the end, I'm really glad I went this route. Now I have all of support hardware mounted in one location which is easy to see and easy to work on. I also mounted a power strip to the back of the Al plate to act as a central power disto point. Now I just have to plug in the power strip, connect the LPT cable to the back of the PC, and I'm ready to start making parts. The layout that you can see in this picture starting from the left is: Arcsin, GND/12Vdc terminal block, the two SS relays for spindle and coolant and lastly the spindle speed controller.


Another angle on the control panel. I used some 2" hex standoffs that I had on hand to mount a piece of .25" thick plexi over all of the electronics and AC power connections. I don't think chips will find their way up here, but that is yet to be determined.


Closeup of power distro block and SS relays. I broke the outlet cover while trying to drill a hole for the hex standoff, so that will have to be replaced.


Another angle of the Shrapnel. When I get the spindle up and running, the first part I'm going to make is the Shrapnel Transformer Logo!


And there you have the complete CNC setup in the BYI garage after a thorough cleaning of the mill, table, and surrounding area. I had more stripped wire ends and heat-shrink tidbits all over the floor after this wiring job than I have ever seen before and it was quite a mess.