Transporting the Shizuoka CNC mill to my garage


Well, I had intended to take some pics of the guy lifting the ST-N onto the trailer, but he was too quick. By time I got back from the truck with the tie-downs, he already had it sitting on the trailer. I paid him a small sum of money and he said good-bye. I guess he was just done looking at this thing


My buddy Jeff came out to help me with the tie downs and I'm glad he did. It was good to have another set of eyes looking things over and I know that Jeff is very safety minded. We chained it in a couple of places and then use the 10,000lb straps up at the top to keep the beast from tipping. All in all, things went quite smoothly and I was on the road in no time.


I am fortunate to have a neighbor who loves to do metalworking, and even more fortunate that he owns a forklift! That pic of me rolling my eyes was a shot that my wife took when I wasn't looking. There just wasn't much for me to do so I tried to stay out of the way while my neighbor unloaded the Shiz.


The initial plan was to drop the mill onto a couple of pipes so we could roll it into the garage. That didn't quite work because the machine is just too heavy up top. So, we dropped it into the garage, and then pushed it into place with the forklift. It is actually in a pretty good spot because I know that one day I'm going to have to move this thing out of the garage and the easier it is to get at, the better.


So now that I have a 3000 lb piece of machinery in the garage, what do I do with it? The first order of business was to yank off the old control system and brackets. After that was removed, I looked the machine over and even moved the ways around by hand by turning the motor couplers. Everything feels really tight, so getting the one-shot lube pump working will be the next order of business.