Making parts on the mighty Shizuoka


My endmill selection is pretty weak, but I found a 3/16" TIN coated HSS mill and cut out this part for a work project. The mill is really amazing compared to the home-built machines that I'm used to working with. There is very minimal vibration and no flex in this monster. The part turned out OK, but will need some cleanup because the endmill I used just wasn't that sharp. I ordered up some carbide endmills from Enco tools and now I need to find myself a NMTB 40 1/8" endmill holder or possibly a collet holder.


I received my new carbide end-mills last night and here is what the Shiz can do with a sharp piece of carbide!


Cut out from the stock.


It took a little over two hours to cut out all these parts out from a 1/4" Aluminum plate.