Phase six: X and Y axes taking shape!


Well, I had a few hours this afternoon while everyone was napping, so I started assembling the X and Y axes. It was just so cool to see this thing start coming together.


The cast uprights were quite rough on the bottoms, so I clamped them together and ran the fly cutter across the bottom so they were super flat. It turned out very well.


I was hoping that the shafts for the Y axis would be perfectly parallel because the patterns were CNC cut. However, I'm seeing a 1/16" out of parallel at one end. I'll probably make one set of caps adjustable so I can dial in the shafts.


The monster 8" HBLB's work so well. I'm glad that I opted for a longer bearing on this machine. It really makes the axes rigid.


The aluminum C channel that is shown will probably end up going away. I'm thinking about welding up a bed from 1"x2" rectangular tubing, so this will replace the channel.


Another shot of the HBLB's. I will most likely dis-assemble the mill once it is complete and sand blast and paint the parts. For now, though, the rough look is cool.


You can see the difference on the sandblasted 4" HBLB on the Y axis. They look so much smoother and uniform.


I easily made the 18" of Y axis travel that I was shooting for.


Should be no problem getting 24" of X travel.


300 oz/in Nema 23 bipolar stepper installed so I can see how it will go together. I can't wait to see this thing moving!


It won't be long now. I've got the new joystick controller talking to my IMS bipolar drivers, so it is getting close!