Phase five: Building the monster 8" HBLB's


It was actually quite easy to cut out the 8" HBLB's. I did have to slow down the cutting speed a bit because the depth of cut was more, but that was about it. The foamies turned out quite nice.


There was a scaling issue as well, but I adjusted the software and the second HBLB foamy was correct.


What a beauty!


After spruing and dipping in the Hamilton's White Line drywall texture mix.


Another view.


Right after I removed the KHPT from the flask. I was hoping that this part would turn out because I just don't have that much time to experiment these days.


The part looked good before I cooled it, but you really don't know for sure until the shell breaks away.


AHHHH YES! I love that moment when all the cylinders are firing and things just work out perfectly!


Shadow was quite satisfied with these parts as well.


The uprights got some lightening holes this time around. This will make the part a little lighter, plus it looks cool.


Here is the monster flask right before I poured the upright. It is tough lifting a red hot crucible of aluminum up this high, but I managed to pour with no mishaps.


Not bad for an hour of work. Now I just need to clean up the parts and do the finish machine work. Stay tuned for the assembly of the X axis!